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There was a time, not so long ago, when every school of any substance had bicycle sheds.
When you get evicted from a bicycle shed it's like 'OK, this is really the bottom, and you either totally destroy yourself or pick yourself up and get out of it.
CHILDREN at a primary school in Sunderland are being encouraged to pedal to classes after a new bicycle shed was installed.
Half a century ago, when Pevsner made his now untenable distinction between a cathedral and a bicycle shed, the word 'architecture' could only be applied to buildings of special ritual or memorial role.
A business which started in a bicycle shed in the early 1900s has grown and established itself as the North East's largest Ford motor dealer.
The thought of pupils slipping behind the bicycle shed for a packet of crisps and a polo whiledealers hang about the school gates is hilarious - but the joke is against the Nationalists.
Outside Coatings metal: steel supports 4 pieces; Q- and R-tubes Bicycle shed about 320 running meters, thermal insulation system: about 34 mA, wood paint: about 340 mA.
Rivergreen managing director Peter Candler said: "From the green roof to the photo-voltaic cells on the bicycle shed which can charge up electric vehicles, I don't think there will be many other buildings quite like it in the entire country.
It forms the bicycle shed, the playground for rainy times and the overflow area from the classrooms.
With what Willie's been through I wouldn't be surprised if he'd had the occasional puff and not necessarily behind a bicycle shed.
And it was only DNA evidence stored away in a bicycle shed behind a police station that proved she was lying.
Tenders are invited for Provision of shed in front of stage and extension of bicycle shed at Ordnance Factory School in estate area.