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But everybody knows about bicycle sheds, or thinks they know about bicycle sheds, and many members, for example, have strong views on the ideal composition of the roof: "Dis- cussion goes on, therefore, for 45 min- utes, with the possible result of saving some $50.
Albert quotes with approval from the book of the architectural guru Sir Nikolaus Pevsner: "A bicycle shed is a building; Lincoln Cathedral is a piece of architecture.
Perhaps his undercover team were intending to catch Prince William having a crafty drag around the back of the bicycle shed? So what!
"A bicycle shed is a building; Lincoln Cathedral is a piece of architecture." Although written in 1943, these opening lines from An Outline of European Architecture, Nikolaus Pevsner's textbook history of the discipline, still sum up the way most design professionals distinguish architecture from ordinary structures.
Other pupils remembered the time two girls travelled from their farm to school on horseback, tying their horses up in the bicycle shed. Pupils used to long for break to go out and pet the horses.
"One advised us to build a completely modern house and turn the old black house into a bicycle shed,"said Christine.
C-S invites the jury to go behind tab 3 in the blue file although, to be honest, it was more exciting behind the bicycle shed. C-S reads out a lot of boring things, then reads out a lot more.
'Lincoln Cathedral', Nikolaus Pevsner had famously pronounced, 'is architecture, while a bicycle shed is building.' Architecture versus mere building, everyone carries around this historical distinction and it tells them when to ornament the building, or make it a whole sculptural ornament.
And it's spiced up with a bit of naughtiness, like smoking behind the school bicycle shed.
Surely, it is not beyond the head teacher and governors to have a bicycle shed built.
Contract notice: extension of the courtyards and bicycle shed at the alfred mauguin a gradignan secondary school