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n. an offer to purchase with a specific price stated. It includes offers during an auction in which people compete by raising the bid until there is no more bidding, or contractors offer to contract to build a project or sell goods or services at a given price, with usually the lowest bidder getting the job. (See: contract)

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BID, contracts. A bid is an offer to pay a specified price for an article about to be sold at auction. The bidder has a right to withdraw his bid at any time before it is accepted, which acceptance is generally manifested by knocking down the hammer. 3 T. R. 148; Hardin's Rep. 181; Sugd. Vend. 29; Babington on Auct. 30, 42; or the bid may be withdrawn by implication. 6 Penn. St. R. 486; 8, Id. 408. Vide 0@ffer.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Plot 402, in Street 34 of Sector F-11/2, measuring 500 sq yd, received a bid of Rs120,000 per sq yd.
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Upon evaluation of the financial bid and bid price tenders of both bidders, the SBAC 1 declares Smartmatic-TIM Corp.
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The contract manager's initial task (Figure 1, Operating Reports) is to maintain a real-time database updated with all the latest bid information.
Step 1: Think of an amount in pence that you want to bid - for example pounds 1.75 would be 175 pence.
US Senate lawmakers are to more closely examine potential airline mergers, including the hostile bid for Delta Air Lines by US Airways.
A seller notifies buyers of the products or services available, and buyers compete against each other in Web-based, realtime auctions, driving up the demand and prices as they bid. (3)
STEP 1 Think of a bid in pence - for example pounds 1.75 would be 175 pence.