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BIDDER, contracts. One who makes an offer to pay a certain price for an article which is for sale.
     2. The term is applied more particularly to a person who offers a price for goods or other property, while up for sale at an auction. The bidder is required to act in good faith, and any combination between him and others, to prevent a fair competition, would avoid the sale made to himself.
     3. But there is nothing illegal in two or more persons agreeing together to purchase a property at sheriff's sale, fixing a certain price which they are. willing to give, and appointing one of their number to be the bidder. 6 Watts & Serg. 122.
     4. Till the bid is accepted, the bidder may retract it. Vide articles, Auction and Bid; 3 John. Cas. 29 6 John. R. 194; 8 John. R. 444 1 Fonbl. Eq. b. 1, c. 4, Sec. 4, note (x).

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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where [w.sub.j] is the sales-based (asset-based) weight of the bidder's sales (assets) in business segment j, and C[F.sub.INDj] is the size-matched median operating cash flow performance of single-segment bidders that have the same 2-digit SIC code as the business segment j of the bidder.
For Block-5 Punjab SPEC was successful bidder with the offer of 120 WU, followed by PPL with 101 WU.For block-28 North SPEC was successful bidder who offered 120 WU followed by no one.For block Musakhel the Joint venture of OGDCL and PPL was the successful bidders with the offer of 601 WU followed by OGIL 110 WU and SPEC120 WU.
- copy of document reflect the full name and legal status of the bidder ( charter, Certificate of State Registration or extract from registry, Tax ID number ) as well as bank requisites
RCB called the bidders for GPO Chowk Saddar, Chur Chowk and Tench Bhatta advertisement sites auction.
Straight Path is not permitted to enter into the Bidder's merger agreement or to change its recommendation in favor of the AT&T transaction unless, at the end of the Negotiation Period, the Straight Path board determines that the Bidder's offer continues to constitute a "Superior Proposal" and satisfies certain other requirements under the AT&T Merger Agreement.
In particular, each bidder only needs to register at the center once and then can join to multiple plays launched by different auctioneers.
This "Bidder V" offer is a rival bid to the SBE deal.
WARC tenant improvements, Wenatchee; apparent low bidder was Halme Builders.
Further, it may be noted that as per Public Procurement Rules, the bidder with the lowest evaluated bid (not the lowest announced bid) shall be awarded the procurement contract.
"It's a fluid situation but my best estimate is we'll announce a preferred bidder by the end of the week."
Each bidder first places a bid ([b.sub.A]) for product A, followed by a bid for product B, which is conditional on the outcome of the auction for product A ([b.sub.B|winA] or [b.sub.B|LoseA]).