bifurcated trial

Bifurcated Trial

One judicial proceeding that is divided into two stages in which different issues are addressed separately by the court.

A common example of a bifurcated trial is one in which the question of liability in a personal injury case is tried separately from and prior to a trial on the amount of damages to be awarded if liability is found. A bifurcated trial in such a case is advantageous because if the defendant is not found liable, there is no need to spend the money or time in the presentation of proof and witnesses on the issue of damages.

In Criminal Procedure, a bifurcated trial is useful where the issues of sanity and guilt or guilt and punishment must be decided.

bifurcated trial

noun bisection of a case, segmennation in a case, segregation in a case, separate liability and damage phases, separate quilt and insanity defense phases, separation in a case, severance in a case, split in a case, split trial, two or more hearings held, two-part trial
Associated concepts: punitive damages
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48) The court considered whether a bifurcated trial, where liability and a punitive damage multiplier are determined in phase I, prior to a finding of compensatory damages for each plaintiff in phase II, violates the Due Process Clause as interpreted by the U.
In California, when a defendant enters pleas of both not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity, as was the case here, a bifurcated trial must be held, with a guilt determination made during the first phase and the NGRI plea addressed at a second hearing.
As a general principle, the liability phase of a bifurcated trial is not the proper juncture at which to adjudicate issues regarding the severity of the injuries of the party prosecuting the case.
Virginia 28 * 50 * Pennsylvania -6 -42 * Procedural variables Bifurcated trial 29 * 54 * Bouquet trial 21 * -28 Consolidation of 2-3 claims 16 * 11 Consolidation of 4-5 claims 11 * 6 Change in the Change in amount of the amount of compensatory punitive damages damages State Mississippi $1,640,000 $570,000 Texas $394,000 * $397,000 * W.
Finally, in recognition of a defendant's legitimate desire to present the defense of her choosing, we advocate a legislative recognition of a right to a bifurcated trial, in which a defendant could first present her chosen defense and then defense counsel could present a defense based on mental illness.
In Green, the court left unanswered the knotty problems of whether post--trial motions could be filed after a verdict finding liability in a bifurcated trial, whether such motions would toll rendition of the verdict, what aspects of the proceedings were reviewable in an appeal from the verdict, and the like.
Decisions on other claims in the liability phase of the bifurcated trial were pending at TRIAL press time, and no date had been set for the damages phase.
Plaintiffs vigorously opposed a bifurcated trial, arguing that a continued stay of the merits discovery was unwarranted, particularly where a stay had been in effect for more than two years.
Fujiwara, sought a bifurcated trial on the statute of limitations issue.
As a practical matter, the rule permits appeals only in the context of a "non-continuous" bifurcated trial, i.