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In-Stent Anchoring Registry (registration number ChiCTR-ONC-13004236) is a prospective, single-center registry of consecutive patients with coronary bifurcation lesions (MV diameter ≥2.
The study included 300 patients with stable or unstable angina and/or a positive stress test who were undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention and side-branch stenting of a coronary bifurcation lesion.
Recently, the Hopf bifurcation has been given much attention, and those works about bifurcation mainly include the validated existence of bifurcation and its control [2-5].
Then, by discussing the distribution of the solutions of (11), we analyze the stability of the equilibrium and the existence of Hopf bifurcation.
The process will be used to model arterial bifurcations for the purpose of optically evaluating flow disturbances at bifurcation regions and their impact on vascular disease.
In our study, most bifurcations were unilateral, extending into the region of the third molar or adjacencies (Type 1).
Fuerte-Esquivel, "Application of Bifurcations Theory to Assess Nonlinear Oscillations Produced by AC Electric Arc Furnaces", IEEE Trans.
The main results of this work are presented by complete bifurcation diagrams for variable parameters of the driven damped pendulum systems.
29 July 2010 - US medical device company Devax Inc said today it has obtained CE Mark for its AXXESS Biolimus A9 Eluting Coronary Bifurcation Stent System (AXXESS System).
I am pleased to be working with TriReme as they develop products specifically tailored for the treatment of bifurcation disease.
For the NO-CO reaction, several types of bifurcations are observed, among these fold bifurcations (LP) and Hopf bifurcations (H) are of prime importance.
Some students of economic bifurcations seem content to place their analysis in the belt of auxiliary hypotheses surrounding the Lakatosian core of neoclassical economics.