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BAE Energy Management, LLC is comprised of two major subsidiaries, Big Apple Energy and Vantage Commodities Financial Services.
Big Apple Portraits' Real Bearded Santa Sessions are filled with fun and laughter.
Having worked and lived in the Big Apple under both Giuliani and Dinkins, I will not dispute that the difference between the two, in style, authority, and sense of leadership, was as striking as the difference between Reggie Jackson and fellow Yankee Steve "Bye Bye" Balboni.
Artwork will be displayed at the New York Mercantile Exchange Charitable Foundation, which is sponsoring a public painting space, and the Big Apple Fest Seaport Orchard, located at 192 Front Street in space donated by the South Street Seaport Marketplace.
Throughout the month of May, Big Apple Bagels customers can purchase pin-ups at their local Big Apple Bagels in support of the Great Strides[R] Walk-a-Thon, during which local teams "walk for a cure" for Cystic Fibrosis.
Tropiclean Fresh Breath Oral Care Kits for Dogs are offered with same day shipping with all orders placed before 3pm EST and Big Apple Pet Supply's 5% low price guarantee.
We are exploring the possibilities, but nothing has been decided, no plans have been set," said Philip Thurston, public relations manager for the Big Apple Circus.
Giuliani vowed never to invite the Grammys back to the Big Apple while he was in office as long as Greene was head of the organization.
The Big Apple Bagels restaurant is located on the premises of the Electronics Expo store at 491 U.
Sitting through this movie about Big Apple cabbies who work the late shift is like sitting in a cab whose driver considers you a dupe - he takes a long time to get you nowhere special.
Two new Big Apple Bagels[R] restaurants are scheduled to open soon in San Antonio.
com)-- February is Pet Dental Health Month and Big Apple Pet Supply has added Dogit GUMI 360 Clean Dental Toy for Dogs to their extensive discount inventory.