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And he said:"Our Big Noise programmes focus on supporting children and young people to develop a range of life skills and achieve their full potential.
This January, Big Noise Theatre will be bringing back their Especially for Kids programming with a new take on "The Wizard of Oz.
Al Gomes of Big Noise and Cathy Levesque of The Stadium Theatre will present a plaque to Louis Jr.
Sturgeon was also given a violin lesson by nine-year-old Iliana Hughes from the Govanhill Big Noise Orchestra.
You are hoping that temperature inversions are at work tonight so the big noise bounces off the clouds and spreads farther to more ears.
They will then be able to take part in the festival's Big Noise parade at midday on Saturday, October 8, alongside three of the UK's leading street bands - Orkestra del Sol, The Firm and Tongues of Fire - in a 'mad musical machine.
Todays funding package will enable Sistema to work with at least an extra 700 young people across its three Big Noise centres - supporting more than 2,000 overall to engage in the potentially life-changing programme.
Yet this Legal and General agreement shows just how one of Europe's previously best kept secrets is starting to make more and more of a big noise on the wider global stage.
ME-nir Leman, another citizen residing opposite building said that they heard a big noise at around 04:10 Local time.
Big Data & Big Noise Social Data Week - Mission Bay Joe Fernandez, Founder & CEO, Klout.
She now tours with a band she's named "the Big Noise," and that couldn't be a more appropriate description of a Wynonna performance.
SILENT film The Artist made a big noise at the Bafta film awards winning seven awards including Best Film, Leading Actor and Best Director.