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It was set up following the success of an orchestra movement in Venezuela and now works with 1150 Scots children through their Big Noise Orchestras in Raploch and Govanhill, with a third project being rolled out in Torry, Aberdeen.
CUTLINE: Wynonna and the Big Noise, performing Sunday at Indian Ranch.
COMMUNITY leaders made a big noise to mark the grand opening of a Birmingham community centre.
SILENT film The Artist made a big noise at the Bafta film awards winning seven awards including Best Film, Leading Actor and Best Director.
There was a big noise and shouting, it was very quick and short, but it was scary.
The miscreants had planted explosive device under the bridge which went off with a big noise.
An employee said: "We heard a big noise and we all rushed out.
The Pack Rack[TM] is a compact rattler capable of making big noise.
Quote of the day "He's such a gent, he makes the Archbishop of Canterbury look like a villain," - Dr Jon Scargill pays tribute to his big race winner Big Noise Which filly turned the claimer into a procession?
BIG NOISE seemed suited by the seventh furlong at Newmarket and also showed he can cope with a quicker surface as well as an easy one.
Then I got off it, to get closer to the big noise that was kicking the shit outta my soul.