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Durham and Amer made the big shots to highlight their big games, with Chris Newsome and Reynel Hugnatan having their essential help as the Bolts scored a follow-up on their 94-81 win in Game Three.
They also criticised the PFA officials for, "what they said," conniving with the big shots against small shopkeepers.
They are all exceptional and deserving to be called little big shots," said Crawford, who is the show's host.
He also appeared on Dawn French's ITV series Little Big Shots.
Peter Davey, head of comedy entertainment, said: "Dawn's infectious humour, warmth and affability make her the perfect host for Little Big Shots.
Big Shots is the brainchild of several local business people.
What is perhaps more important is that the rise of big shots has been accompanied by the emergence of an increasingly restive generation of grassroots youth.
They werent further ahead but Leicester hit some big shots and a 24-8 quarter condemned Mohawks to defeat.
But he did come up with some big shots and big forehand winners so I was happy with the way I played after that.
Rose's knack for draining the big shots in Sunday's Northeast-10 Conference Tournament quarterfinal.
We are with this new legislation, but we hope that it covers everyone, not just the weak who have no backup and have just stolen peanuts while leaving the big shots,' he said.