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Big Shots is the brainchild of several local business people.
What is perhaps more important is that the rise of big shots has been accompanied by the emergence of an increasingly restive generation of grassroots youth.
They werent further ahead but Leicester hit some big shots and a 24-8 quarter condemned Mohawks to defeat.
We're delighted to offer our BIG Shots more value, and more extras," says AirAsia BIG's CEO, Alice Goh.
They made big shots and they made really big plays down the stretch," Mahar said.
Al Menbar Bloc president MP Dr Ali Ahmed said that big shots were stealing the public's money and property without being touched.
Arthur, who is a 9-2 chance to upset 1-7 shot Booth, added: "I won't rush in with big shots - I'm going to outbox him.
I got caught with some big shots and I caught him with a few.
It was a very close game, but they hit some big shots down the stretch.
How very true, and utterly disgusting, are her points and observations: pre-teens begging their parents for their "right" to have a $40,000 birthday or bar mitzvah party; teens marketing clothing to their friends who are ignorant of their true loyalty; and thousands of youth who are consulted daily by marketing big shots and paid for their services with clothing and invitations to swank parties.
And because they know other big shots will be talking to him, they are afraid to conceal anything that one of the others might have revealed.
We elbow ourselves into the congress, where all of those big shots are stuffing their pockets, and say 'We are emissaries for the future.