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Dubai: If you thought burgers are plain junk or at best an over-the-counter affair, then Big Smoke Burger at BOXPARK will surely change your idea of a party-in-a-bun.
The Big Smoke was also a finalist for the 2013 National Book
Leaving five generations of tradition behind, she sets out alone into the big smoke encountering men, heartbreak, drama and hilarity he way accompanied by sic and Welsh cakes and a Th.
And don't think this is just a problem for people living in the Big Smoke.
It opens with the young Samuel Bennett smashing up objects in the family home, which he's desperate to get away from, and soon he's on a train heading to the big smoke and looking forward to his adventures.
Since Canadian Big Smoke Burger recently launched at The Walk in Riffa, my nostalgic craving has been quenched and it's poutine time, all over again.
After her father strikes it rich and they head off to the big smoke the stage coach is held up by bushrangers who steal the gold and kidnap dad.
Others announced Tuesday included Roger Bonair-Agard's ''Bury My Clothes,'' Lucie Brock-Broido's ''Stay, Illusion,'' Brenda Hillman's ''Seasonal Works With Letters on Fire'' and Adrian Matejka's ''The Big Smoke.
That said, anyone au fait with the Big Smoke will tell you how easy it is to develop a kind of love/hate relationship with the city.
TOPSHOP NAILS IN BIG SMOKE (8ml, pounds 5) A BEIGE grey colour in funky packaging for a low price point, quite thick to apply but once on lasts well.
I worked with him in the tailoring dept of the Co-op till the big smoke called him.
That is the view of Coral, who are happy to lay Spurs at a standout quote of 23-10 as the champions come to the big smoke.