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When I the film, was 19, big fan The Who and I the PHIL DANIELS "It was quite interesting and it's kind of a nice way of doing a film where you do the end first so at least you know where you've got to go with the character and I knew where I had to go with Jimmy.
A few minutes after the Duchess had left, William appeared in the doorway and he told the TV chef: "My wife is a big fan of yours, and my tummy's a big fan.
I am a big fan of high-waisted trousers and baggy jumpers.
But I'm a big fan of Democracy Now, and I hope she gets my work.
He is a cool, composed player with a great big-match temperament and I''m a big fan.
James Dobson of Focus on the Family is normally a big fan of pregnancy and child-rearing--unless a same-sex couple is involved.
Although I have never been a big fan of Al Gore, I applaud his efforts to popularize the issue of global warming.
I would say any of the Dan Brown books; I'm a big fan, probably like a hundred million other people.
a leading New York-based independent building services provider, has always been a big fan of ABC Television's bit series "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," but he never thought he would be a part of the show.
David Pickens, deputy to the chief executive officer of CPS, is a big fan.
First, let me say that I'm a big fan of both Al Franken and Air America.
And this UAV business, as it cuts across both strike and ISR, I'll tell you, I'm a big fan.