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It categorically refutes claims made by the big three US carriers about Etihad Airways' finances, giving a clear and compelling explanation that the equity funding and shareholder loans provided by the Government of Abu Dhabi, by way of investing in a successful business model, is fully comply with the US-UAE Air Services Agreement and all other applicable rules.
Ashraf stated that the PCB's governing board was taken into confidence regarding Pakistan's official stance on Big Three.
By voting for such reforms, very soon many nations will realise how far the Big Three have moved up and how fast they have slid down the ladder.
If we will be playing frequent international cricket it will help in revenue generation through a lot of ways and means, but Pakistan wants to maintain its decent stance on the issue of Big Three," he asserted.
Sarfraz said if the said proposal gets implemented than it would financially benefit the Big Three boards more than the others.
We could not be more excited or engaged than we are with our new relationship with Big Three and John Whitman.
Three years ago, the Celtics gave the rest of the league the idea by putting together their own Big Three - Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen - and winning the championship.
The only way the big three will peddle different policies is when we see and hear on telly and radio what the others have to say.
The Big Three autos, coupled with the construction of the 42,500 mile Interstate Highway System and the establisment of a vast network of safe and inexpensive motels such as Holiday Inns, opened the continent for inexpensive family vacations.
If Detroit's Big Three go bankrupt, the perfect storm really will have arrived with a collapse in both the real economy and the financial sector.
As the big three, Gambling Commission and exchanges destroy any hope the independent bookmaker has of competing, I sometimes wonder whether the racing media, and punters as a whole, appreciate and recognise the necessity of a healthy betting market that includes the smaller bookmaker.