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The ICC, however, abolished the Big Three Formula last year.
Shahryar Khan added that Big Three system was non-democratic and he had started his efforts to get rid of this system as soon as he assumed charge of his post.
The Big Three model that was approved in 2014 gives India the lion's share of the revenues and a big say in governance along with the Australian and England cricket boards.
It categorically refutes claims made by the Big Three carriers about Etihad Airways' finances, giving a clear and compelling explanation that the equity funding and shareholder loans provided by the Government of Abu Dhabi, by way of investing in a successful business model, fully comply with the US-UAE Air Services Agreement and all other applicable rules.
Outside the big three everyone is likely scrapping in their own wee league.
Sarfraz said if the said proposal gets implemented than it would financially benefit the Big Three boards more than the others.
I think the big three will be able to do more for the category than startups," he said.
Three years ago, the Celtics gave the rest of the league the idea by putting together their own Big Three - Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen - and winning the championship.
The only way the big three will peddle different policies is when we see and hear on telly and radio what the others have to say.
As I write this editorial to celebrate the winners of Modern 's 2008 Productivity Achievement Awards, the Big Three auto makers are hoping to score a big share of the billions stored in the government's rainy day account so they can avoid bankruptcy.