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administration has pressured states worldwide, including its closest allies, to enter into bilateral agreements, to compel them not to surrender U.
The tasks entailed are far from being insignificant given that the EU/Switzerland bilateral agreement provides for the possibility of safety measures, such as a temporary increase in transit fees paid by heavy duty vehicles from the EU, if disruptions in the traffic flow, such as a delay in Switzerland's aim to transfer road transport to rail, are brought to light by the observatory.
The bilateral agreement finalized May 1 calls for relocating the U.
In the absence of any bilateral agreements, the government should provide measures permitting flexibility in the domestic use of a DCL caught in the mirror legislation rule (at least until a bilateral agreement can be reached).
Watson boasted that the bilateral agreement with Mexico "will help to further unleash the entrepreneurial capacity of Mexican businesses by mobilizing U.
Norway and Japan have reportedly agreed to hold talks on concluding a bilateral agreement for co-operation in science and technology.
The visit came just months after the United States and Vietnam signed a historic bilateral agreement that will allow the Vietnamese to receive modern demining equipment and other mine-related assistance through the U.
EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy will visit Beijing in the week of March 27 with hopes of concluding the bilateral agreement.
Okinawans are voting on whether they want changes in the bilateral agreement that provides for U.
Such exchanges, though limited, date back to even before the 1972 bilateral agreement on the peaceful uses of outer space.
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- The Government of Iraq today announced that it has signed a bilateral agreement with Australia canceling the equivalent of U.
Summary: New Delhi[India], August 1 (ANI):India and Somalia on Tuesday signed a bilateral agreement for the transfer of sentenced persons, thus deepening humanitarian cooperation between the two countries.