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However, finding a middle path will be difficult as the US is also negotiating a bilateral investment treaty with China and so may not be willing to have different rules for India and China.
Both countries decided to resume talks on the Bilateral Investment Treaty ( BIT) and the long- pending ' Totalization Agreement', which will benefit millions of Indians working in the US with regard to social security taxes.
The claim may be granted based on (i) the contract signed between the Libyan government and the international contractor, (ii) the Libyan Civil Code, and if applicable (iii) a bilateral investment treaty signed between Libya and the country of the international contractor.
Churchill Mining accuses the country of breaching its obligations under the Bilateral Investment Treaty between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Indonesia.
And, Indian investment coming to Pakistan under their new Bilateral Investment Treaty, or BIT.
Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) program focuses on protecting private investment, in fostering market-oriented policies in signatories, and in expanding U.
Damac's chairman Hussain Sajwani has brought the ICSID claim against Egypt under the bilateral investment treaty between the UAE and Egypt, which protects investments made by UAE nationals in Egypt, a statement said.
Restoration of investment guarantees by Germany to its investors in Pakistan and the signing of a modern Bilateral Investment Treaty in 2009 have encouraged German business and investment community to view Pakistan as a destination to make profitable investments and expand business.
This prompted ATA to instigate ICSID proceedings against Jordan for violation of the Turkey-Jordan Bilateral Investment Treaty.
The prime minister mentioned the December 2009 BOI's revised Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with the Federal Republic of Germany where it has restored the investment guarantees for their investors desiring to investment in Pakistan.
In a separately meeting, Hatoyama urged Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev to step up efforts to sign a bilateral investment treaty.
Tidewater alleged that the measures taken by Venezuela violate its bilateral investment treaty obligations and rules of Venezuelan law and international law.

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