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Those who do not give consent and those undergoing surgery of biliary tract along with some other surgeries in the abdomen and those undergoing emergency biliary surgery following trauma.
Is the intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasia of the biliary tract a counterpart of pancreatic papillary mucinous neoplasm?
Surgical therapy of iatrogenic lesions of biliary tract.
The objective of this article is to review the indications for use of ultrasound, CT, MRCP and ERCP in biliary tract disease.
The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Metastatic Biliary Tract Cancer
But a biopsy during ERCP has been limited in clinical application due to a long operating time, technical difficulty and a serious risk of biliary tract bleeding and perforation though it can theoretically get more and deeper diseased tissue.
One month later, the patient was admitted because of fever, and an abdominal CT scan revealed bilioportal fistula and biliary tract necrosis as a result of hypoperfusion through the hepatic artery (seen on the arteriogram).
The pathophysiology includes a high-impact injury combined with associated risk factors such as a thin gallbladder wall, distended gallbladder and high biliary tract pressures due to sphincter of Oddi spasm from alcohol use.
Procedures of biliary tract surgery are many and complicated.
Among the common conditions that cause the syndrome are: gallbladder remnants; stone in the biliary passages; biliary tract disease; post-surgical adhesions; and incorrect diagnosis prior to cholecystectomy.
The findings from the report, which covers 1992-2011, indicate that cancer rates in the area are on par with the rest of Alberta, although there are reasons to be concerned about cervical, biliary tract and lung cancers.