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In the video, Bill Gates emphasized the role of education in a society saying, "Education is like a master switch, one that opens up all sorts of opportunities for individuals and societies.
Responding, during the exchange, Bill Gates urged partners to gather information to further investigate why immunization services were not provided inaccessible areas and also the reasons why immunization is still being rejected by some communities.
Dubbed by some as the Warren Buffett of the Middle East, the Saudi prince has worked with Bill Gates on various projects, including taking the Four Seasons hotel chain private for $3.
Bill Gates also hailed the recent economic reform of GST as fantastic.
Bill Gates referred to Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed's recent directives to support the polio eradication campaign with a donation of US$30 million in support of the global efforts to eradicate poliomyelitis.
Elisha London, UK director of the Global Poverty Project, said: "We are thrilled that Bill Gates has chosen the launch of the Global Poverty Ambassadors to deliver his annual letter.
I've been wondering how long it would take Bill Gates to strike back at the media and mavens who have spent the last two weeks praising Steve Jobs' life and legacy.
Today Bill Gates is manager of a large and fast-growing organisation with ambitious goals, that works on new ideas and aims to change the world.
Somehow Bill Gates as being "probably genuinely concerned about the people" as reported by TNA does not ring true.
Bill Gates laid out a vision for how technology is going to transform education and went on to acknowledge the work of five UK local authorities - which include Sandwell - "who are pushing the limits".
Morgan, Bill Gates, the New York Stock Exchange, the space shuttle, and Japan's bullet train are all highlighted.
Well, taxes may not matter to Bill Gates with all his billions of dollars, but to mere mortals who still must deal with the realities of living on Planet Earth, they do matter.