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Few university students have heard of Casey Jones, but just as young men a century ago aspired to follow his hazardous yet noble profession, students today hope to emulate Bill Gates in the high risk, high tech world.
I would like to do with the internet what Bill Gates has done with the PC operating system.
Bill Gates appreciated the efforts made by Pakistan in the last two years on polio eradication.
Since leaving the day-to-day operations at Microsoft, Bill Gates has been busy trying to solve the world's environmental problems.
Venkaiah Naidu and Shri Bill Gates today held extensive discussion on the magnitude of providing toilets to every household in the country.
Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and one of the richest men in the world, spoke at the American Enterprise Institute at Washington DC.
Washington, Aug 24 ( ANI ): Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer plans to retire within the next 12 months to end a 14-year reign, amid speculation that Bill Gates could be the person to succeed him.
ISLAMABAD -- Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Tuesday offered support to the new government of Pakistan in the health sector, aiming to extend financial and technical assistance.
The Prime Minister was talking to Special Representative of Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Dr.
Chairman Bill Gates is scheming to dominate the world's computer systems.
evolution; owner Bill Gates sees 20% growth as market
This analysis concurs with Bill Gates and shows how a new breed of network centric spam blocking techniques will soon be available and dramatically turn the tides in the spam war, providing much greater value than the existing content filtering solutions.