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A day of recreation; a consecrated day; a day set apart for the suspension of business.

A legal holiday is a day set aside by statute for recreation, the cessation of work, or religious observance. It is a day that is legally designated as exempt from the conduct of all judicial proceedings, Service of Process, and the demand and protest of Commercial Paper. A prohibition against conducting public business transactions on holidays does not, however, have an effect upon private business. Private transactions will not, therefore, be invalidated solely because they are conducted on a holiday.


noun celebration, day of festivities, day off, dies festus, feriae, festival, fête, furlough, gala, jubilee, leave, leisure, lull, recess, rest, time off, vacation
Associated concepts: general holiday, legal holiday
See also: absence, furlough, leave, remembrance
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With vocalist Val Wiseman in the central role this was a tribute to one of the great jazz legends of song, Billie Holiday.
Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, Gladys Knight, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan, Annie Lennox, Toni Braxton, Mary J.
The 90th birthday of the legendary Billie Holiday will be celebrated with a first -- her first multilabel multimedia retrospective.
Come and Check into the hotel jazz legend Billie Holiday made infamous in 1949 and enjoy our special Introductory Rates.
She has received numerous accolades, including the Billie Holiday Award from the Academy du Jazz and the Eubie Blake Awards from the Cultural Crossroads Center in New York City.
Another CD demonstrates a Billie Holiday type of jazz.
Along the way you'll also find fascinating accounts of artistic luminaries Billie Holiday and film pioneer Oscar Micheaux.
Singers such as Dean Martin, Doris Day, Perry Como and Billie Holiday have all crooned his tunes, though his most memorable melodies are certainly the famed themes to "The Addams Family" and "Green Acres.
So will the quips about masturbation, the Freudian analyst, the way a turn-of-the-century (20th) joke is used as a metaphor for the main character's life and all the familiar Billie Holiday songs.
Strange Fruit: Billie Holiday, Cafe Society, An Early Cry for Civil Rights by David Margolick Running Press, March 2000, $18.
Freelon is winner of both the Billie Holiday Award from the prestigious Academie du Jazz, and the Eubie Blake Award.
Between the bar and the dining room, likenesses of ``Our Gang'' and ``Little Rascals'' stars are embossed on glass dividers, and framed musical icons Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Harry James, Ella Fitzgerald and Barbra Streisand grace the walls.