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It's not silly if you're Billings, who takes his craft - but not himself - seriously.
We're still doing things the old way," Billings said.
The DEP is billing your property based on frontage.
Having dinner at, Hollywood's historic Roosevelt Hotel, Billings is relaxed and looking stylish, even in jeans and a blouse.
ATLANTA -- City of Billings Metropolitan Transit Turns to RouteMatch Software to Provide an Accessible and Dynamic Public Transit System
While the Company believes that ACH billing is a more desirable billing method because it is less expensive, has a faster collection time, and presents minimal dilution, the process of converting advertisers from LEC billing to ACH is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and can result in missed billings or customer cancellations.
MTBC is the first company to apply state-of-the-art software and Internet-based technology to medical claims and patient billings, enabling its customers to reap the benefits of improved practice management and increased cash flow at a reduced cost.
The City selected Total Billings to complete the programs document production and distribution requirements, delivering to the citizens of Baltimore over 197,000 delinquent parking notices in both a printed and digital format.
MTBC's 4% medical billing service is comprehensive; it includes scheduling, electronic claim submission, follow-up and appeals, as well as patient billings.
Roger Billings, who built the world's first hydrogen powered car as a high school science project in 1965, today announced the re-formation of Billings Energy Corporation.
The new system uses secure, wireless technology and addresses the challenges that medical practices face with delayed billings and collections from insurance carriers.
and that the Company's billings for 900 telephone entertainment services were also suspended by SBC, due to customer complaints and inquiries regarding the programs.

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