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Billings could rest in a swank hotel and attend today's Wooden Award ceremony at the downtown Athletic Club but he's been to only one.
Billings grew up in Van Nuys, not far from neighbor and award maker Bob Graves.
Frontage--DEP used this form of billing for many years.
A familiar face in the Windy City as an actress and a nightclub singer, Billings is in fact a Southern California native.
today announced that it has been awarded a contract to provide its flagship transit software application, RouteMatch TS,(TM) to the City of Billings Metropolitan Transit (MET), a public provider of demand-response people transportation in Billings, Montana.
Although the changes in LEC billing practices and the trend towards advertisers switching to CLECs for their local telephone service happened suddenly and unexpectedly in the fourth quarter, we have responded quickly and have taken great strides in reducing the long-term impact on our business.
MTBC's comprehensive medical billing service includes scheduling, electronic claim submission, follow-up and appeals, as well as patient billings.
Outsourcing this critical mailing to Total Billings also saved the City thousands of dollars and was completed on the tightest of timeframes.
Using MTBC's billing services, a typical practice can save tens of thousands of dollars per year in labor, benefits and other employee-related costs, while retaining control over their billing process.
Billings Energy Corporation, the company he formed in 1973 as the vehicle for his pioneering work in hydrogen energy technology, was sold by Billings in 1984 when, after years of hard work, he realized the world was not yet ready for hydrogen energy.
Two Tri-State companies are joining forces to offer hospitals and medical groups with a secure, paperless billing solution that provides efficiency and increased cash flow.
The Company said that the billings suspended by Ameritech represented approximately three percent of its total net revenues during the third quarter and nine months ended August 31, 1998, and that net revenues from the billings suspended by Bell Atlantic and SBC represented approximately six percent and 1 percent, respectively, of total net revenues during the third quarter, and approximately five percent and less than one percent, respectively, of net revenues during the nine months ended August 31, 1998.

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