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Belle is survived by her high school sweetheart and husband of 58 years, Bill; her children Nicole (Sam) Makhlouf, and Billy Hoffman; her granddaughters, Sienna Isabella and Samantha Grace Makhlouf; her brother, James (Darlene) Perrone; her aunt, Viva Gillio (the late Rocco Gillio); and her many cousins, nieces and nephews.
Billy Hoffman and Matt Wood, two Hewlett-Packard employees who specialize in security and networks, have created a new browser-based darknet tool called Veiled.
Wood and his co-researcher Billy Hoffman, manager of HP security Labs within HP Software, did not release code for Veiled.
Billy Hoffman, lead research engineer at SPI Labs, says that SPI has created a proof-of-concept JavaScript scanning tool that determines the IP address of the computer it's on and then scans to see what other devices--Web servers, wireless routers, and so on--are on that network.