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The aims of this experimental study were to establish the elastic properties of the Ti-15Zr binary alloy and to evaluate how these properties influence its biomechanical behaviour relative to the supporting bone.
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Among Ni-Ti binary alloys are the most representative memory alloy materials.
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The GRF of any solute element is given by the factor, m[C.sub.o](k - 1), where m is the gradient of the liquidus line in the binary alloy phase diagram, [C.sub.o] is the concentration of the solute in the alloy, and k is the partition coefficient.
[21] strongly recommended the use of second nearest-neighbor modified embedded-atom method (2NN MEAM) when choosing an interatomic potential in the NiTi binary alloy. Furthermore, a comparison of the predicted results with the experimental ones [3] indicated that such a model could be available for representing the characteristics of the low temperature martensitic structure (B19').
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The effect of Nd addition to Ni-Ti binary alloy on microstructure and martensite transformation temperature remains unclear.
However, some binary alloy systems such as Cu-Zr, Pd-Si, and Cu-Hf as well as Ni-Nb alloys exhibit exceptionally high glass-forming ability (GFA) so that BMGs can be produced from these alloys [11-15].
In a typical Al-Zn binary alloy microstructure aluminum-rich dendrites contain dissolved zinc, while zinc solid solution is present around the dendrite arms.