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Jacques Derrida and Michel Serres share the ambition of overcoming the dualist, binary logic of non-contradiction which, they complain, has dominated Western philosophy since Plato.
In binary logic the variable can be 0 and 1, but the fuzzy variable can be any values in between 0 and 1.
Mohr argues that these texts "incorporate within the dystopian narrative a utopian undercurrent" and that the texts' utopian "strategies criticize, undermine, and transgress the established binary logic of dystopia" (3).
The former operates on the basis of binary logic where an object is said to exist in either of the two states of 1 and 0.
Where others have invoked a binary logic in attempting to assess whether this development is good or bad, Gunkel considers the different question of why so many books on new media explicitly or implicitly address the issue of their materiality.
To understand fuzzy logic, you'd need to be a cybernetician or, at the very least, a giant brainbox, but try this: binary logic produces yes/no answers.
In response to doubts voiced by opponents of the ruling party, Daniel Horsmanden, a New York Supreme Court justice, published an account of the events in which he "deployed a binary logic of identity and difference" for distinguishing between "loyal subjects," who feared "subaltern insurgency," and "disloyal subjects," who "deviated from the norms of whiteness, Protestantism, and property .
Heavy metal and punk lyrics similarly often use the second-person address to express such condemnation, forcing the listener to position him- or herself either with or against the message according to strict binary logic.
Overall, Hogue's wide-ranging analysis and its polyvalent character, like the broad range of texts and issues embraced, occasion new forms of cultural agency that deconstruct binary logic, that dislodge sedimentary forms of interpretation, and that dialogue with other scholars to reveal modes for understanding the richness of African American men's texts and their varying forms of signification.
These phase-locked frequency-selectable synthesizers feature three bits of internal TTL binary logic, enabling users to select up to eight frequencies within the synthesizers' frequency range from 10 MHz to 4 GHz (in bands).
Her comparison of split feminine subjectivities in Kamouraska and Margaret Atwood's Lady Oracle draws on Simone de Beauvoir's rejection of patriarchal binary logic as well as Irigaray's conception of mother-daughter relations in terms of refracting mirrors.

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