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In the world of binary logic, both of the opening chapters of Genesis cannot be true; they may, of course, both be false.
Among the topics are binary logic with synthetic molecular and supramolecular species, photonically switched molecular logic devices, toward arithmetic circuits in subexcitable chemical media, Kabbalistic-Leibnizian automata for simulating the universe, and electrode interfaces switchable by physical and chemical signals operating as a platform for information processing.
8221; His beef is with the binary logic of Aristotle in which something must be either right or wrong.
There are both essays that track the transformation of familiar Deleuzian concepts within the cinema books, and essays that diagram the blocks of becoming created between the spectator and the film, becomings that can rupture the binary logic of sexual difference.
In binary logic the variable can be 0 and 1, but the fuzzy variable can be any values in between 0 and 1.

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