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analysis of technical parameters of a binary sequence at the demodulator output,
It takes as input the data file F, binary sequence, keyl, key2 and a secret random number for encryption and produces the cipher text in file F'.
To find the binary sequences with desired properties of lengths N < 40 we can use the exhaustive search algorithm.
Wang, On the correlation of pseudorandom binary sequences with composite moduli, Publicationes Mathematicae Debrecen, 74 (2009), pp.
The Study of Methods for Constructing a Family of Pseudorandom Binary Sequence Pairs Based on the Cyclotomic Class.
A skew-symmetrical binary sequence s" is achieved by the transformation proposed in (7).
8] Maryam Amin Nasrabadi "A new approach for long Low autocorrelation binary sequence problem using genetic algorithm" IEEE proceeding, 2006.
w] maps any computable binary sequence p [member of] dom H to a computable binary sequence; see, e.
The DAC converts the binary sequence u to a voltage signal and the power amplifier amplifies the actuation signal to a high enough power level to move the dish via the electric motor.
The SET is then transformed into Terminating Binary Sequence (TBS).
The MultiBERT reference design allows for the creation of test cards, which send Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence (PRBS) traffic simultaneously over multiple 622 Mbps to 3.
Another band, made from the letters z and a and the binary sequence "01" hypnotically repeated, cuts the composition horizontally across its entire length.