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Financial Expertise is a binary variable that equals one if the CEO has past experience in a financial institution, or in finance or accounting.
When binary questions were used, the satisfaction must be assessed as a binary variable "Yes" or "No".
Subdividing water views into different classifications relies on the use of binary variables and is subject to the same four drawbacks that occur with the use of a single binary variable.
The variables GOV and SEN are binary variables where the value equals 1 if the election is 'close' and 0 otherwise.
To control for residency status, we use a binary variable coded 1 for those living outside metropolitan areas and 0 for urban residents (the reference group).
Key words: binary variables, correlated outcomes, generalized linear mixed-effects models, weighted generalized estimating equations, latent variable models, R, SAS
Third, I control for loan characteristics that may be correlated with the price of bank loans, including maturity, loan size (which captures economies of scale in bank lending), and a performance pricing binary variable.
where D is a binary variable for excess zeros, such that D = 1 for excess zeros.
Binary variable data were extracted and the HR and 95% CI were therefore recalculated with Stata software.
The mixed integer linear programming formulations are characterized by the type of binary variable that captures the scheduling decision, and the dynamic programming method is derived based on the optimality properties.
Note that one-of-N and thermometer encoding transforms each categorical value into a true-false binary variable.
ir], the binary variable for whether service members would have no state income tax liability on their military pay if claiming legal residency in the state (19); [SE.