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A written document that records the essential provisions of a contract of insurance and temporarily protects the insured until an insurance company has investigated the risks to be covered, or until a formal policy is issued.

A receipt for cash or for a check that is deposited by a prospective buyer with the seller to secure the right to purchase real estate at terms that have been agreed upon by both buyer and seller.

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n. a written statement of the key terms of an agreement, in particular insurance policies, so that the insured as well as lenders can be assured there is valid and adequate insurance coverage. (See: insurance)

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Since the asphalt binder is the main bonding material for the road, its properties are crucial to the service performance and service life of the pavement, that is, the quality of the pavement in service life depends largely on the quality of the asphalt binder [2, 3].
Therefore, to interpret the results, a decision was made to use a ratio that represents the cost per repeated loading on the pavement (R$ [N.sub.FATIGUE.sup.-1]) for each different situation of loading and use of asphalt binder. Thus, the influence of load and type of binder on [N.sub.FATIGUE] and the R$ [N.sub.
--Don't buy a binder with clasps, Velcro, or zippers.
Binder had told her relatives that her husband had left the house without informing anybody.
Soil-binder mixtures were designed by selecting an appropriate type of binder and an appropriate quantity of that binder to be added, in the range 2-10% relative to the soil dry mass, requiring the conformity of defined criteria regarding the strength of the mixtures and their frost resistance coefficients.
Advances in binder chemistries validated by exposure testing have led to significant improvements in adhesion to a wide variety of exterior substrates, including chalky substrates without the use of alkyd modifiers that detract from durability.
I am in hopes that one of your readers is familiar with one of these binders or know someone who is.
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Binder didn't realize how much impact sharing her story would have on those who follow the contest and how much her weight-loss journey would inspire others to make positive changes in their lives.
studied the effects of carbon nanoparticles on the performance characteristics of asphalt binder. The viscosity, performance grade (PG), creep and creep recovery, and frequency sweep tests were carried out on modified binder.
* Ambiguity regarding the authority granted by the carrier to issue a binder leading to coverage and E&O disputes, including a claim by the insurer against the agent.
All around the world, there are currently three systems used to classified bituminous binder: penetration grade system (main system used in Europe), performance grade system (used mainly in the USA) and viscosity grade system--currently rarely used.