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Added NaCl causes reduction in the binding constant for both peptides and the change is more pronounced for peptide B possessing a larger positive net charge.
The results reported in Table 3 show that the binding constant of TQ on HSA decreased after addition of warfarin while the addition of ibuprofen did not significantly change the binding constant value.
The equilibrium binding constants (Scheme 1) are summarized in Table 1.
Its 12 separately authored chapters describe the determination of binding constants, isothermal titration calorimetry, extraction methods, mass spectrometry and gas phase chemistry of supramolecules, diffusion nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in supramolecular chemistry, photophysics and photochemistry of supramolecular systems, circular dichroism spectroscopy, crystallography and crystal engineering, scanning probe microscopy, characterization of synthetic ion channels and pores, and theoretical methods for supramolecular chemistry.
This heat measurement allows for the specification of binding constants and a thermodynamic profile of the reaction.
In addition to providing a quantitative assessment of near-complete coverage of the human protein kinome against a diverse set of chemical scaffolds, this dataset provides a true measure of compound potency, with thermodynamic binding constants reported for each identified interaction.
Estimated binding constants calculated using a more sophisticated theory will be presented.