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Solvent and salt effects on binding constants of organic substrates in macrocyclic host compounds.
Molecules characterized by the highest binding constants are eupatorin and eupatorin-5-methyl ether, with a [K.sub.d] around 1.0 x [10.sup.-5] M, followed by apigenin, with a [K.sub.d] of 1.7 x [10.sup.-5] M.
(55)) Binding constants obtained by these experiments were at most [10.sup.4][M.sup.-1].
In this equation, [DELTA][G.sup.CORR.sub.1] is the corrected free energy of binding of 1-PyCHO with free DNA, that is, to DNA without Au@tiopronin; meanwhile, [DELTA][G.sup.CORR.sub.2] is the same but when the DNA is bound to the gold nanoparticles, AuNPs; [K.sub.1] is the equilibrium binding constant 1-PyCHO/DNA in the absence of Au@tiopronin and [K.sub.2] is the equilibrium binding constant 1-PyCHO/DNA in the saturation limit of AuNPs.
where f is the fraction of accessible fluorescence and K is the effective quenching constant for the accessible fluorophores, which are analogous to associative binding constants.
The reason for that could be due to the variation of the input parameters over temperature because the Streaming Potential coefficient is sensitive to changes in the input parameters that describe the rock-fluid interface, such as the surface site density ([[GAMMA].sub.s]), the binding constant ([K.sub.Me)], and the disassociation constant ([K.sub.(-)]) [13].
The intrinsic binding constants (Kb) for NPn1 and PLN with DNA are 2.9 x [10.sup.4] [M.sup.-1] and 5.4 x [10.sup.3] [M.sup.-1].
We quantitatively characterized the template effect in the L- and D-imprinted polymers by evaluating the binding constants. The binding constant (K) can be evaluated on the basis of the slope and intercepted by the modified Scatchard plot.
In addition, D-penicillamine binding constant is high enough that transfer of toxic minerals at cell junctions does not occur.