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Binocular rivalry in children with schizophrenia: the conscious and unconscious cognitive processing of interpersonal information.
The stimulus used in the Binocular Rivalry Test (Aznar Casanova, 2010) consists of an anaglyph image with two gratings, one oriented vertically and the other horizontally, which, when observed from a 60-cm distance, subtend a 4[degrees]-visual angle on the retina.
suitable for investigating the temporal characteristics of binocular rivalry in an accurate and reliable way.
In an ongoing binocular rivalry study, researchers put people into either a negative or positive state of mind by showing them disturbing or uplifting pictures, or asking them to remember a sad or happy experience.
Note that this procedure overcomes the problems associated with sighting-dominance estimates and provides a more objective measure than those based on binocular rivalry.
Hence a potential fault will lead to binocular rivalry and make the fault conspicuous.
This proposal includes four experiments that will focus on consciousness involvement in volitional control, using the Binocular Rivalry paradigm (BR).
Binocular rivalry refers to the phenomenon that when the right and left eye are presented with different stimuli, no stable perception can be formed so there are alternating perceptions.