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MOTHER, domestic relations. A woman who has borne a child.
     2. It is generally the duty of a mother to support her child, when she is left a widow, until he becomes of age, or is able to maintain himself; 8 Watts, R. 366; and even after he becomes of age, if he be chargeable to the public, she may, perhaps, in all the states, be compelled, when she has sufficient means, to support him. But when the child has property sufficient for his support, she is not, even during his minority, obliged to maintain him. 1 Bro. C. C. 387; 2 Mass. R. 415; 4 Miss. R. 97.
     3. When the father dies without leaving a testamentary guardian, at common law, the mother is entitled to be the guardian of the person and estate of the infant, until he arrives at fourteen years, when he is able to choose a guardian. Litt. sect. 123; 3 Co. 38; Co. Litt. 84 b; 2 Atk. 14; Com Dig. B, D, E; 7 Ves. 348. See 10 Mass. 135, 140; 15 Mass. 272; 4 Binn. 487; 4 Stew. & Part. 123; 2 Mass. 415; Harper, R. 9; 1 Root, R. 487.
     4. In Pennsylvania, the orphans' court will, in such case, appoint a guardian until the infant shall attain his fourteenth year. During the joint lives of the parents, (q.v.) the father (q.v.) is alone responsible for the support of the children; and has the only control over them, except when in special cases the mother is allowed to have possession of them. 1 P. A. Browne's Rep. 143; 5 Binn. R. 520; 2 Serg. & Rawle 174. Vide 4 Binn. R. 492, 494.
     5. The mother of a bastard child, as natural guardian, has a right to the custody and control of such child, and is bound to maintain it. 2 Mass. 109; 12 Mass. 387, 433; 2 John. 375; 15 John. 208; 6 S. & R. 255; 1 Ashmead, 55.

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Since I was a young boy in Italy, I really wanted to search for my biological mother and ask why she left me but, at the same time, to say thank you because, without her realizing it, she gave me the chance to have a bright future .
Conrad isn't the only person that's used social media to track down the whereabouts of their biological mother.
He continues that when contacted, the purported sister whose name he did not disclose, claims to be the biological mother of the victim.
One biological mother of a 15-year-old son explained, "I talk to him about it but it's like, 'Ew Mom, you're so gross.
According to reports in the Turkish Cypriot press, little Sofia is back in the hands of her biological mother, Russian national Olga Mirimskaya, 55, after the surrogate mother, Svetlana Bezpiataia, 40, also a Russian, was arrested by the authorities in the north, together with three Greek Cypriots and an Albanian suspected of involvement in the child's alleged kidnapping.
A child, born to elderly parents, who will never know her biological mother and who will never be able to replace her.
Weeks later, the boy finds himself stuck in an observation home, his young mind yet to comprehend the fact that the people he calls " Mom" and " Dad" merely adopted him and his biological mother wants him back after abandoning him when he was a few days old.
A BABY girl abandoned on the side of the road will celebrate her first birthday next week as gardai issue a fresh appeal to find her biological mother.
One woman is the youngster's biological mother and sole legal parent while the second considers herself a "de facto" parent, courts have heard.
Jennifer Teege was placed in foster care at age 3 and adopted at 7, but she maintained contact with her biological mother and grandmother throughout her childhood.
The 24-year-old housewife abused the girl regularly and on one occasion forced her to eat her own vomit because the child looked like her biological mother, the court had heard.

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