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Convinced of the reality of biological evolution, in part as a result of her own research on lineages of mollusks from the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States, Kelley finds her Christian faith threatened by neither science generally nor evolution in particular, because she does not accept the notion that the biblical creation accounts are to be interpreted literally.
Brief comments on biological evolution and the scientific context for the ID controversy follow; then I give a short account of the ID movement and remark on the naive dismissal of "naturalism" in science by ID advocates.
Distancing himself from Neo-Darwinians, he insists that "within biological evolution there is an ordering of action that operates within the random fluctuations of environmental conditions.
If you compare this to the biological evolution in Darwin's theory, it's like the time when fishes leave the sea and start using their fins as feet to walk, exploring uncharted territories.
With only one application, it is possible to restore the biological evolution of a farm within 15 to 30 days, at a cost of only $2,000 per acre.
The research methodology focuses on eleven video-recorded lessons on biological evolution in a ninth-grade classroom, indicating that coordinating classroom communication so that the patterns described in this thesis provide learning opportunities for students.
Ridley, a British journalist who has written extensively about science, economics, and technological progress, begins by explaining the fundamentals of biological evolution by natural selection: Biological complexity evolves through random mutation followed by non-random survival.
Thus, Darwin's theory of biological evolution was blended with Herbert Spencer's ideas about "social" evolution (pp.
Endowed with a rich historical legacy, the concept of chemical evolution aims at explaining how non-living matter has evolved into living matter on the primitive Earth before the advent of the well-known biological evolution .
Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete and would be superseded," Hawking told BBC.
And you see the same thing in biological evolution.
Using said definition of complexity, I posit that it is possible to extend the concept of biological evolution to the whole history of the universe.

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