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Though she might not want anything her biological father left behind, it's likely dangerous.
Questions he hopes to answer include: why is he so fast and where does his running ability come from - and does he owe his athletic success to his biological father who he believes is of black Jamaican origin?
"Krezolek mentioned they would like to send him to his biological father in Poland but because there was a very strong bond between Daniel and Magda (Luczak) it probably won't happen."
Boyd Barrett, who was in Germany for a conference organised by the Left Party over the weekend, revealed: "I can confirm that Vincent Dowling was my biological father. We made contact a few years ago.
Rohit Shekhar had taken Tiwari to court, demanding a DNA test to determine whether the Congressman is his biological father.
Nicolas Sarkozy, left, and his new wife, Carla Bruni, second left, pictured yesterday with Italian businessman Maurizio Remmert, right, who reportedly claims to be Bruni's biological father, and his wife Marcia de Luca Picture: THIBAULT CAMUS
"I know it is easy to say but she is testing the strength of your love - if you were her biological father she would be just the same.
Only her mother can judge when she is old enough to be told and until then, the girl's biological father should drop his legal campaign.
First, the biological father is one of the providers of the child's genetic heritage.
'We knew from the start that one of us was going to be the biological father of any boys and one the biological father of any girls,' said Barrie, who has lived with his partner for 11 years.
Fatherless America properly reminds us that, barring the odd virgin birth, every illegitimate child has a biological father somewhere out there who has fallen down on the job.
The tests show that the husband is not the biological father of the child.