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of biological therapy molecules is more in the phase III of clinical trials compared to chemotherapy.
We suggest deciding on a case-by-case basis, considering the effectiveness of biological therapy, alternative therapeutic choices, and the severity of side effects if they are recalcitrant to traditional treatment.
However, a significantly lower proportion of the prednisone patients ultimately required biological therapy (14% vs.
Biological therapy, which stimulates the bodys immune system to fight cancer, is still being clinically tested.
When watchful waiting is not an option, four kinds of treatment are commonly used--surgery to remove the cancer, radiation therapy to kill the cancer cells with high-dose x-rays or other high-energy rays, hormone therapy to stop the cancer cells from growing with the use of hormones and biological therapy to fight the cancer by using your body's immune system.
There are a number of cancer treatments, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemo-therapy (anticancer drugs), and biological therapy (treatment that uses the body's natural ability to fight infection and disease).
Biological therapy and pharmacotherapy for special groups (including children and adolescents, geriatric, pregnant, and mentally retarded patients, as well as those with seizure disorders) are explored.
TOKYO, May 11 Kyodo Medical researchers have developed a new biological therapy to contain HIV that may give hope to tens of millions of sufferers in Asia and other parts of the world who cannot afford the currently available chemical combination therapy, leading AIDS researchers said Monday.
The issue is not psychotherapy versus biological therapy, but rather opinion versus evidence," he maintains.
The pending approval of oral kinase inhibitors with compelling efficacy have the potential, if they are priced less than the biologics, to shift the treatment algorithm to delay initiation of biological therapy.
Tenders are invited for Medicinal products for biological therapy in the Department of Rheumatology
Patients with advanced stages of the disease may also be treated with biological therapy drugs Tarceva, Iressa or Xalkori.

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