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Patient characteristic n % Age at onset (years), 27.2 [+ or -] 7 mean [+ or -] standard deviation Age at diagnosis (years), 31.5 [+ or -] 8.4 mean [+ or -] standard deviation Sex Male 62 80.5 Female 15 19.5 Dermatological features Oral ulcers 77 100.0 Genital ulcers 49 72.1 Pseudofolliculitis 40 61.5 Erythema nodosum 9 14.3 Cutaneous ulcerations 3 3.9 Pathergy test positivity 11 18.3 Ocular features 51 66.2 Joint features 40 54.8 Vascular features 20 26.0 Neurological features 17 22.4 Gastrointestinal features 2 2.7 HLA-B51+ 3 4.1 Treatment protocol Colchicine 77 100.0 Corticosteroids 58 76.3 Azathioprine 33 43.4 Cyclophosphamide 10 13.2 Biological therapy 7 9.0 Anticoagulants 17 22.1 Table 2 | Comparison between patients with early- versus late-onset Behcet's disease.
Neurath, "Top-down approach to biological therapy of Crohn's disease," Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy, vol.
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All patients were screened for latent tuberculosis, which included a history of tuberculosis exposure, tuberculin skin test, and chest x-ray prior to commencement of anti-TNF biological therapy.
Key words: Tuberculin test; Latent tuberculosis--diagnosis; Arthritis; Tumor necrosis factors--antagonists and inhibitors; Biological therapy; Croatia
Chemotherapy is an option to patients who are resistant to the Biological therapy. The key factors assisting the growth of prostate cancer treatment market are growing prevalence of prostate cancer coupled with growing public awareness, rising healthcare expenditure in the developed and developing regions and developing technology of pharmaceutical companies leading to more target specific drugs with lesser side effects and strong emerging pipeline.
In the cross-sectional analysis, 92 RA patients (who had been treated with biological therapy for more than six months) were evaluated.
She received neoadjuvant chemotherapy and biological therapy; then, she underwent modified radical mastectomy followed by radiotherapy.
On average, patients started advanced biological therapy within 28 days following their first visit to a specialized wound clinic.
Due to the complexity of IBD pathogenesis, the reestablishment of the immune balance in the intestine, or a treatment that efficiently combines immune suppressors, biological therapy, and a modulator of intestinal microbiota, would also be of major importance.

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