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In addition, the modified biophysical profile is as accurate and sensitive as a contraction stress test with the advantages of being easier and less time consuming, said Dr.
In the preterm fetus with FGR, she obtains Doppler assessments every 1-2 weeks, a biophysical profile weekly or a modified biophysical profile twice weekly and administers corticosteroids if the fetus is at less than 34 weeks.
A normal biophysical profile can sometimes buy the fetus an additional 1-2 weeks in utero, which can be particularly significant in a fetus that's 26-27 weeks' gestation.
Linda Siegle provided the participants with some history and discussion of several bills she is working on, including an Imaging bill that, if left as is, would stop nurses from being able to perform bladder scans, Doppler assessment of positioning of central venous catheters, fetal biophysical profiles, distal perfusion, wound depths, and so much more.