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The methodology developed in this study will assist future studies for obtaining new PKS genes, such as probes, for screening metagenomic libraries in the search for new biosynthetic pathways.
Numerous gene function studies on the aflatoxin biosynthetic pathway have identified the transcription factor aflR as a potential in planta target against aflatoxin accumulation [54].
Among their topics are mutagenesis as a functional biology tool to improve legumes, proton-induced X-ray emission and electron microscopic analysis of induced mutants of sorghum, influences of gamma radiation on maize starch granules morphology, developing and characterizing rice mutants for functional genomic studies and breeding, and a Bulgarian perspective on using mutant genes to explore and alter the carotenoid biosynthetic pathway in sweet peppers.
At that time, it was considered a significant breakthrough in biotechnology, as the researchers had engineered an entire biosynthetic pathway.
The biosynthetic pathway of JH III in the CA of insects involves 13 discrete enzymatic reactions and is conventionally divided into early (MVAP) and late (JH-branch) steps [2] ( Figure 1).
Because BH4 is the end product of the biosynthetic pathway, it must be the case that the increased BH2 and biopterin reflect an increase in BH4 biosynthesis.
Of the enzymes characterized from the IQA biosynthetic pathway, CYP719A1 and CYP80G2 provided the first molecular basis for methylenedioxy ring formation and C-C phenol coupling reactions in eukaryotic cells.
The uvrD mutant does appear to have altered levels of mRNA encoding proteins of the coronatine biosynthetic pathway, the type III secretion system and its effectors.
The only siderophore biosynthetic pathway found to date of Bacillus subtilis is that of BB, which has very high homology to the enterobactin biosynthetic pathway [3].
The porphyrias are a group of disorders (Table 1) associated with inherited or acquired defects in the enzymes of the haem biosynthetic pathway (Fig.
After discovery of the biosynthetic pathway by which artemisinin is produced, Keasling's group engineered the genes responsible for much of the synthesis into Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.