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This flexibility to choose abiotic and biotic factors allowed the students to feel like they have more control and input in the project.
In addition, the rate of fertilizer breakdown and utilisation may be greatly higher in the rice fields because of presence of a wide range of biotic factors including decomposition microorganisms, aquatic animals and vegetation including rice plants.
Environmental science is the systematic study of the complex of physical, chemical, and biotic factors that act upon on an organism or an ecologic community and ultimately determine its form and survival.
While the study of biotic factors, including competition and predation, are important in order to understand the dynamics regulating community structure, the study of abiotic factors must also be included as possible controlling variables (Dunson & Travis 1991).
8, and 12 months post-bum suggested that the increase in Geolycosa densities in burned scrub relative to unburned scrub was attributed to abiot ic factors, such as increased availability of burrow sites and increased soil temperatures that hastened growth and date of first reproduction, rather than biotic factors, such as more or higher quality prey for spiders foraging at the soil surface.