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In addition to the introduction of AVAPS-AE, the BiPAP A40 features a unique battery module design which provides users with an enhanced level of autonomy that increases support when traveling, or in the case of a power shortage.
The case was atypical because the parturient maintained good haemodynamic stability, continued to trigger the BiPAP machine and displayed reassuring cardiotocographic features throughout, thus allowing the use of non-invasive ventilation without the need to progress to emergency caesarean section.
METHODS: Asthmatic patients presenting with AAE (PEFR % predicted < 60%) at the emergency unit were randomised to ST, ST and CPAP or ST and BiPAP.
BiPAP features separately adjustable inspiratory and expiratory pressures, making expiration more comfortable for such patients.
has released its BiPAP [R] Synchrony [TM] Ventilatory Support System--the newest member of Respironics' BiPAP family.