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Most reports indicate that comorbid OCD exacerbates the symptoms of bipolar disorder and makes the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder more difficult.
Manic-depressive illness: Bipolar disorders and recurrent depression, Second Edition.
Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition characterized by severe and extreme mood states.
Major Finding: After adjustment for confounding variables, 37% of youths with bipolar disorder and comorbid anxiety disorders and 55% of those with bipolar disorder without anxiety were asymptomatic on a weekly basis.
When diagnosed with BPD, patients with bipolar disorder may be deprived of potentially effective pharmacologic treatments.
There is increasing recognition that bipolar disorder has a spectrum of symptom expression from subthreshold to meeting full criteria, indicating that bipolar I disorder, at least, may be more common than the 1% prevalence usually cited in population surveys.
Women with bipolar disorder who are treated with lithium while breast-feeding transfer a modest amount of lithium to their infant children.
This article addresses difficulties with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children; provides a description of bipolar disorder in adults and children; presents a case study; discusses appropriate assessment, treatment, and program planning for children; and discusses implications and recommendations for school counselors according to the ASCA National Standards for School Counseling Programs.
Patients with 4 or more mood episodes within the same 12 months are considered to have rapid cycling bipolar disorder, which is a predictor of poor response to some medications.
Bipolar disorder can be divided into two major subtypes - bipolar type I and bipolar type II -, although further extension of the bipolar spectrum may be of clinical relevance.
In addition to the overall prevalences, they found that the 1-year prevalence of bipolar disorder type I was 0.