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I've been thinking about all of this lately because my roommate has me hooked on birth charts. Give her your name, your birth date, and the approximate time you took your first sip of air and she'll spit back your greatest hopes and fears along with your co-working style.
To know more about what's in store for the self beyond what collective zodiac forecasts suggests, the feng shui expert pointed to decoding one's birth chart using the Bazi calculator.
Astro dose considers how different zodiac houses affect your horoscope based on the birth chart and shares with you in a click.
Published last year, her book The Signs: Decode the Stars, Reframe Your Life does just that, teaching people to uncode their birth chart by themselves and understand their qualities - both good and bad - to make their own decisions.
She cautioned, however, that the Rooster's birth chart also shows Yin Fire on top of Yin Metal which suggests 'infighting, tension, demonstrations and a hot and chaotic atmosphere.
Wilamena Carlisle governs her love life based on the astrological birth chart she promised her mother she would abide by before her mother's tragic death years earlier.
(LIBRA) Glasgow You have lots of planets close together in your birth chart, so everything's been hitting you at once over these last seven years.
Astrology is a useful diagnostic tool enabling us to see strengths and weaknesses via the birth chart. And, yes, I have helped fellow MPs.
With Venus on the 12th house in Dhoni's birth chart, luck overflows but with few benefits," said Acharya Naren Yogi, an astrologer.
What David Tredinnick is saying is that astrology is a useful diagnostic tool, seeing strengths and weaknesses through the birth chart.
"Like a person has a birth chart, a business or a city can have a chart.
Receiving incorrect and unknowledgeable advice, which may result in acquiring rudrakshas that are incompatible with your birth chart and / or wearing rudrakshas incorrectly / disrespectfully can be disastrous and thus should be avoided.