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The Sturm property with bisection is also most suited when we want only a few eigenvalues, especially if we want particular ones like, for instance, the last (largest) k < N eigenvalues.
Without it, even for matrices of the size of tens, the bisection method does not work.
To start with the bisection method, one should determine at first bounds for the eigenvalues of a matrix.
Numerical experiments in Section 6 compare the bisection method with two other methods for Hermitian order one quasiseparable matrices: implicit QR after a reduction to tridiagonal form and divide and conquer.
The present investigation used a fractionation method, specifically a bisection task.
According to these findings, one can determine maturational processes related to cognitive development through measures and responses provided by bisection tasks comparing different age groups, such as adults and children.
0 m), in both bisection directions (ascending and descending).
where B is the bisection and PD is the physical distance, and then submitted to a three-way ANOVA (5 Age Groups x 10 Physical Distances x 2 Bisection Directions).
Alternatively, bisection could be used, but this is normally much slower--in our experience it becomes worthwhile to use bisection instead of dqds only if less than ten percent of the singular values are desired (dqds can only be used to compute all singular values).
4) Use bisection to refine the computed singular values of each block [B.
in the interplay of Rayleigh quotient iteration and bisection, and in the bisection strategy.
The incorrect treatment of numerical difficulties pointed out in (1) can only affect the number of bisections, while the situation depicted in (2) is dangerous, since it can lead to estimates that are too optimistic and unreliable.