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Bishop Score was comparable between both the groups (p=0.
Sixty (30 each group) were selected through non-probability purposive sampling in the period of six months Primi and Second Gravida at term with vertex presentation, singleton pregnancy and Bishop Score less then4.
The application of the medications was repeated every 4 hours until the cervical Bishop score advanced to more than 8.
All subjects were induced labor for the indications according to the Chinese guideline of cervical ripening and labor induction during the third trimester pregnancy (draft) [sup][6] but demonstrated an unfavorable cervix (cervical Bishop score ≤6).
Other factors found to be predictive of successful trial included Bishop score at the time of admission (p less than 0.
The modified Bishop score was used to assess all patients admitted for induction of labour.
Correspondingly, there was no increase in Bishop score in sexually active women.
in our study may be explained by initial Bishop score of 5-7 when compared to 3-4 in their study.
They were scored according to six variables; maternal age; gestation; indications of previous caesarean; history of vaginal birth either before or after the previous caesarean; Bishop score and body mass index.
2] or less at study entry All had a baseline modified Bishop score of 4 or less and required induction.
Material and Methods: Total 114 patients were induced with misoprostol who had singleton pregnancy of more than 36 weeks with cephalic presentation, reactive CTG and unfavorable cervix (Bishop Score 4, nonreactive CTG, any contraindication to induction of labour and bishop score > 4 were excluded from the study.