BISHOPRICK, eccl. law. The extent of country over which a bishop has jurisdiction a see; a diocese. For their origin, see Francis Duarenus de sacris Eccles. Ministeriis ac beneficiis, lib. 1, cap. 7; Abbe Fleury, 2d Discourse on Ecclesiastical History, Sec. v.

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Other doubles were brought to the net by Barry Bishoprick of Evenwood (13lb 6oz); James Stephenson, Great Ayton, (12lb 3oz and 9lb 4oz); M R Trotter, Newcastle, (11lb 5oz) Gary Comerford, Shildon, (10lb 13oz) and Steve Fish (10lb 2oz) .
Last week he took friend Barry Bishoprick to the fishery, lending him a rod, reel and line and supplying a Black Buzzer fly.
PROM DATE: Stehen Goodall and Lindsey Thomas pose for a picture in front of their stylish prom vehicle, right; OH WHAT A NIGHT: Marley Johnson, Danielle Mead, Lisa Moody and Leanne Weall prepare to party, left, while Katie Lewis and Adam Fenny, share a moment together, right; FOREVER FRIENDS: Callum Cooper and Tom Brown, left and Becky Harper, Lauren Thomas, Adam Fenny, Chrissie Nichols, Tom Heawood, Michelle Pratt, Amy Jones and Kirstie Bishoprick, below
Conscience is a Prostitute for pay"; "our ruin'd Cause"; "Souls, when animate with Life, are sold/ For Benefices, Bishopricks, and Gold"; "Death is of all Mortality, the Lot"; "the Genius dy'd"; "Genius dead"; "the slipp'ry age of doubt"; "Priests are powerful Foes"; "Priesthood fetters Justice by the Nose"; "Woman, of ev'ry Happiness the best,/Is all my Heaven; Religion is a jest"; "The Composition of my Soul is made/Too great for servile, avaricious Trade:/When raving in the Lunacy of Ink/I catch the Pen, and publish what I think.