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DIOCESE, eccl. law. The district over which a bishop exercises his spiritual functions. 1 B1. Com. 111.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The bishopric of Constantia does not allow donations any more, whereas that of Tamassos issued rules stipulating that Church committees collect donations and give charitable organisations chosen by the family a percentage of the money collected," the source said.
"We do not abide by the 2013 central plan employed by the two new Bishoprics...
After the Christian population of the bishoprics of Skopje and Ohrid voted in 1874 overwhelmingly in favor of joining the Exarchate (Skopje by 91%, Ohrid by 97%), the Bulgarian Exarchate became in control of the whole of Vardar and Pirin Macedonia.
This paradigm was rooted in the practicalities of secular and ecclesiastical self-government, episcopal leadership, and "a fundamental episcopal identity"; it was given form first in the Colonial Bishoprics Fund set up in 1840-41 and then immediately in the colonial episcopate of Bishop Selwyn in New Zealand.
Cecil's memoranda--specifically what Usher calls "the List of Spiritual Men," "the July List," and "the October List"--concerning bishopric appointments to the first Elizabethan bench have proved tricky to date.
David Foote argues in Lordship, Reform, and the Development of Civil Society in Medieval Italy: The Bishopric of Orvieto, 1100-1250 that bishoprics played an integral role in the formation of civic culture in medieval Italy.
Although the bishoprics of York, London and Colchester were represented at the Council of Arles in 314, Christianity was virtually dead in the south of England when St Augustine landed in Kent in 597.
Pope John Paul II, the head of the bishoprics, gave the go-ahead in a papal Post-it[R] that said, "Paxil in terrum: Viagra pro hominem."
He seeks to ground his understanding of bishops as representatives of cultures, rather than overseers of territories, by reference to Ignatius of Antioch, the tribal bishoprics of Anglo-Saxon England, and the establishment of Uniate bishoprics in communion with Rome whose jurisdiction overlaps with that of Latin bishoprics.
1136-1140, and intermittently thereafter); directed the clearing of forests and the draining of swamps, and promoted the creation of colonies and monasteries in the newly conquered lands; revived the bishoprics of Havelberg and Brandenburg; later supported the policies of Frederick I Barbarossa in Italy and against Albert's great rival, Henry the Lion of Saxony; may have been made archchamberlain; died on November 13, 1170.
Some of the groups of people within the first category are soldiers, children who are being cared for by the social welfare services, people who are being held at the Menoyia detention centre, prisoners, people in the Ayios Charalambos shelter in Larnaca, and priests and metropolis employees for the Larnaca and Kiti bishoprics.