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Some key parameters of the demonstration are: a track density of 45,800 tracks per inch, a linear bit density of 520,000 bits per inch, a raw data rate of 159 Mb/s, using a merged, untrimmed GMR read/inductive write head, and a multilayer thin film disc featuring exceptionally narrow magnetic grain size distribution.
The bit density of the device is more than 10 times greater than today's silicon memory chips; -- combined, for the first time, both memory and logic using rewritable, non-volatile molecular-switch devices; and -- fabricated the circuits using an advanced system of manufacturing called nano-imprint lithography -- essentially a printing method that allows an entire wafer of circuits to be stamped out quickly and inexpensively from a master.
With a higher linear bit density than the current top-of-the-line model DLT7000 drive, the new model DLT8000 can store up to 40GB (native) in the same cartridge that the DLT7000 uses to store 35GB.
2 Gbit/in2 -- a 67% increase in the aerial bit density from the 1.
This provides an instant 20 percent gain in linear bit density, translating directly into more megabytes of available storage in a drive at no cost.
First to market with this level of bit density, the MoSys SRAM is targeted at high-end data, telecommunications and digital signal processing (DSP) applications.
Future devices will surpass SRAM technology in both bit density (4 Mbit and up) and speed (100 MHz to 200 MHz and up).