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Direct-sequence spread-spectrum (DSSS) generates a redundant bit pattern for each bit to be transmitted.
The data-bearing beam contains an image of a bit pattern imprinted onto the beam using a spatial light modulator (SLM), which is like a liquid crystal display device made up of hundreds of thousands of pixels.
The ROM decodes the latch data and sends the specific bit pattern to the output drivers that feed the vacuum fluorescent display.
Due to the bit pattern on the reclaiming cutter drum, the machine leaves the gypsum material properly sized for use on the county's roads.
The digital modulating signal has a bit rate (called the "chip rate") which is one or more orders of magnitude higher than the maximum information signal frequency, and it has a pseudorandom bit pattern.
for the metrological characterization of opto-electronic components for high-speed data communication applications, An 8-channel bit pattern generator (maximum data rate per channel: = 64gbps), 2 2: 1 multiplexer (maximum data rate per device = 120gbps) and a signal generator (maximum frequency = 64 ghz) are procured.
This effect of the current bit voltage level being dependent on the previous bit pattern is called intersymbol interference or ISI.
DSSS generates a redundant bit pattern, or chip, for each bit to be transmitted, so that if part of the message is lost, the data can still be recovered without retransmission by using statistical techniques.
It is important to note that the CPU doesn't "know" what residue system is intended; it is wired to produce a double-word bit pattern for arithmetic operations on pairs of one-word integer bit patterns.