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com/dallas-buyers-club-producers-demand-alleged-online-pirates-reveal-income-lawsuit-1974430) Dallas Buyers Club are among those who've tried to bring individual users to court over BitTorrent.
There were just a lot of little technical details in making it work," explains Erik Schwartz, VP of media for BitTorrent.
BitTorrent Now is notably featuring upcoming Indie artists on its homepage and looks to give them more exposure.
In conjunction with the release of this report, BitSight announced a new File Sharing module within its Security Ratings platform that allows customers to monitor and assess BitTorrent peer-to peer file sharing activity on their network as well as third party vendor networks.
BitTorrent hopes the browser helps in ensuring the internet remains an open platform.
Called BitTorrent Sync, it synchronizes folders and files on different computers and mobile devices much the way services like Dropbox do, but without ever copying data to a central cloud server.
Till last year the BitTorrent Live app was for the desktop and launched as a way to broadcast and steam live video for free.
BitTorrent has long insisted its software doesn't facilitate illegal copying any more than Web browsers do.
76% of global internet traffic involved downloading or uploading pirated content, with BitTorrent accounting for an estimated 17.
BitTorrent is one of the most used applications in the current Internet and is responsible for an important portion of the upstream and downstream traffic as revealed by recent reports [1].
A simple click of the mouse could result in months of frustration and legal fees," says lawyer Jeffrey Duquette, of the Worcester law firm of Mirick O'Connell, which is representing clients in several cases in Massachusetts and out of state involving individuals accused of unauthorized movie downloads using file-sharing technology called BitTorrent.