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In her illness, Cocoa must depend on George to save her, but because of a hurricane, George cannot bring her doctors and traditional medicine; instead, he is asked to save Cocoa Miranda's "way," but she gives him bizzare and inexplicable instructions.
The questions facing Chris Ehemann and Walt Bizzare, who had been charged by Vivian Stephenson with deploying the PSI system, no longer concerned "if" or "what" - just "how.
DEATHS AND SUICIDES - Bizzare suicides, suicide waves, mass suicides; also, ludicrous exits and appropriate deaths of iconoclasts, blasphemers, and other taunters of the Fates.
Even more bizzare than antennas which sit still and are able to move their beams are antennas which don't exist -- virtual antennas.
5--In a bizzare new twist in Senator Bob Packwood's ongoing fight to prevent the Senate Ethics Committee from obtaining the diary in which for the past twenty years he had recorded his fellow legislators' intimate behavior, the Rev.
The book's title is a reference to the sentence he finally received from a bizzare court of law.
Theory #2: The full moon provokes bizzare behavior.
Mr Mahmood, MP for Perry Barr, said: "It is absolutely bizzare and I just don't know where this has come from.
TV channels get taken off the air for allegedly screening obscene material or politically incorrect maps, a documentary on rape is prevented from airing on the bizzare grounds that it will promote violence against women.
An Aoun supporter Wadi' Mrad apologised for the bizzare demand by saying "sometimes the old man does not know what he is talking about.
I find it bizzare that the stipulation that the old Pacer Trains be phased out was removed by the department for transport late on in the negotiations.