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The picture was bizzare and he captioned it as, "Do you prefer a woman to clean your pool or give you a foot massage?
This is bizzare but welcome news in a world that relies on an ever decreasing amount of oil and other fossil fuels.
Film -- Contagion at 9pm on OSN Cinema +2 Soon after returning from a business trip in Hong Kong, Beth Emhoff dies from a bizzare infection.
I am a vegetarian and enjoy the multi-cultural banter discussing Italian food and other bizzare topics that come up.
Mike Skinner's fifth album, Computers and Blues, is already being heralded by some truly bizzare press releases, including one that claims he "intends to go out with a bang rather than a Starburger" and "incites East London's MC community to hot tears of jealous rage with the deliciously complex Alphabetti Spaghetti of 71 second grime banger ABC".
Each model will wear a different design from Lady Gaga's unique and bizzare wardrobe including Lady in Lace (The Brit Awards 2010), Telephone (Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, March 2010) amd Kinky Boots (Hakkasan restaurant, London.
Getting rid of hiccups: I can't believe that people are still suggesting the bizzare methods to end a case of hiccups.
LAHORE, May 19 -- To divert the attention from the degenerating affairs of the cricket board and save their own skins, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials, in a most bizzare manner, have leaked a video recording of a meeting of an inquiry committee, which shows former coaches Aaqib Javed and Intikhab Alam suspecting wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal of match-fixing during the team's disastrous tour of Australia.
Yn gyntaf, orig o adloniant ysgytwol gan yr actau syrcas rhyfeddol rheiny sy'n galw'u hunain yn Carnival of the Bizzare.
Mesmerizing swirly colours of Jawbreakers will not be missed with the likes of tasty Psychedelic and Bizzare.
Bizzare, outlandish theories on what happened to Jesus are front page news--evidence is optional.
But it wasn't just the Bags action that night where some bizzare restrictions were applied.