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According to Bizzy, the acquisition helps the firm reinforce its offering in the B2B sector.
8 March 2017 - US-based cloud-based customer communication platform SendGrid has acquired US-based email marketing automation startup Bizzy, the company said.
He called us back that day and Bizzy answered the phone, tossed it to me and said, "Rap.
Billingham House became vacant in 1995 and was bought by Bizzy B in 2000, but it has stood derelict ever since.
The Formula One ringmaster reckons the former world champ has been badly influenced by the show bizzy nature of Simon Fuller's XIX Management company, which also looks after the Beckhams, Jennifer Lopez and Will Young.
Doctor Dylan was a fortunate winner of the second division of the five and six-year-old mares' maiden when Bizzy Bee fell at the last while holding a fourlength advantage.
John for an unforgettable s e r v i c e , Bizzy L i z z i e s , Aigburth Road for the beautiful flowers and Val, Karen and Tracy for the wonderful food.
Indeed, her Dubai session was a not-so-subtle reminder to the world that 24-hour news television has shifted the coverage of news from being an objective aebulletin to a programmeAE and now to being aeshow bizzy.
With member Flesh-n-Bone still serving a prison sentence on a weapons conviction and the volatile Bizzy Bone once and for all bounced from the group, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is down to Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone and Wish Bone.
Present are the author, his new agent Bizzy Boca, his new publisher Ernst Kluliss, and (getting in on the ground floor) the famous film producer Sam Schnellgeld.
Peakman, Ida Smith ``in memory of Robert Smith'', Bizzy B and several anonymous donors
Back with the fatties, Paul Ross still hasn't had the letters 'ICK' sewn back on his sweatshirt and Bizzy Lardsley said she'd rather hear constructive criticism than derogatory comments.