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This book's particular concern is to focus attention on the Black Death and climate instability during the 1350s.
And with 101,000 people dying each year of smoking related diseases, a black death is exactly what we have been inflicting on ourselves.
It also provides an insight into the abstruse history of the Black Death in Australia.
On her trip to the year 1348 at Tilgardesle (also known as Tilgarsley)--Oxfordshire village, located near a monastery, that was abandoned in the wake of the Black Death sometime prior to 1350-, FitzHaven manipulates the idealistically romantic and combative medieval historian and linguist Stone (just "Stone"), her husband of a sort--with loosely binding relationship contracts having apparently replaced marriage in the social mores of the 22nd century-, into accompanying her on her latest quest for a cure into the past, ostensibly to serve as a guide and interpreter.
The research revealed that the previously believed claim that the Black death was caused by a highly contagious strain spread by the fleas on rats may not be true at all, the Guardian reported.
New research into the pathogen (disease-causing agent) responsible for the first, Justinian, plague pandemic from 541AD, has found that it was caused by a distinct strain of the same pathogen that was responsible for the Black Death.
There had been a slight miscalculation of the energy requirements for the Black Death, the pair realized.
of Oklahoma) presents the third volume in a comprehensive history of science that chronologically follows the development of modern science from the fourteenth century and the onset of the Little Ice Age and the Black Death, to the Renaissance and the Reformation, to the Scientific Revolution, within cultural context.
When it appeared in Europe in 1347, some people called it the Black Death because of the dark blotches that appeared on victims' skin where blood clots formed.
Only half of the victims suffered from the Black Death, of course.
In story terms, Season of the Witch feels like a remake of last year's Black Death - Sean Bean's dirtier, grittier and altogether better plague movie directed by Bristol's Christopher Smith.