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The Champagne Thienot Black Ball bottle will be available for purchase at Sherry-Lehmann and sherry-lehmann.
Elsewhere Shaun Murphy beat Ronnie O'Sullivan 5-4 on the final black ball, while Chinese potter Liang Wenbo edged out Welshman Ryan Day by the same score.
In a format where a player must play with a black-coloured ball every third hole, and that hole's score counting to both the individual and team score, the black ball is reputed to have the strange power to focus concentration just a little more than usual.
Drawn against the Wirral's Robbie Williams, Gateshead's John Astley got off the mark by winning the opener with a 54 and the second on the black ball to go 2-0 up.
JEFFREY Barrett won the Black Ball competition at Awali Golf Club.
The match against Singapore, especially, ran pretty close with the last black ball in the final frame between Kumar and Ang Boon Chin deciding the winner.
The candidates have also been asked to bring with them the exam board as well as the blue and black ball pens.
Roll a small black ball of fondant and add it to the ghost with edible glue to make a moaning mouth
Honoring 21 great players of the Negro Leagues is the goal of the book that pits black ball players against their counterparts from the Major Leagues using carefully researched statistics.
Henderson was 4-3 up going into the eighth frame and Gladwin had a great chance to make it 4-4 but left a black ball over the pocket and his opponents took advantage to clear the table and win 5-3.
In 1985 which snooker player came from 8-0 down in the world championships final to win on the final black ball and beat Steve Davis?
In blue crayon, a stick-figure soldier poses as he's about to toss a black ball, fuse burning, at three other stick figures, red cloth wrapped over faces, Iraki written across stick chests.