Black mail

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BLACK MAIL. When rents were reserved payable in work, grain, and the like, they were called reditus nigri, or black mail, to distinguish them from white rents or blanch farms, or such as were paid in money. Vide Alba firma.

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The party leaders are spared of the black mail of the electables and they can nominate really competent and educated people from different walks of national life to represent the party in the parliament.
Tariq Mian said that we are prepared to pay taxes but black mail by staff from the Taxation Department should be eliminated by computerizing the entire taxation department, he added.
The report noted that 320 children remain in Israeli military detention and are facing torture and black mail by Israeli interrogators.
However, in black mail there is some gain to be had by the blackmailer and I don't think the bishops have realized anything of lasting value in this game.
Dawn gets an offer too good to refuse and Lucy sees an opportunity to black mail Christian.
So, off we went (my brother and I) to Islamabad Hotel to emotionally black mail Haseena Aunty into taking us to the awards function with her, of course, without informing ammi about our noble intentions