Black mail

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BLACK MAIL. When rents were reserved payable in work, grain, and the like, they were called reditus nigri, or black mail, to distinguish them from white rents or blanch farms, or such as were paid in money. Vide Alba firma.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'But, this can only be achieved in a democratic setting through persuasion rather than threats and black mail. Politicking is about debate and exchange of ideas so that holders of different political viewpoints can win the support of their rivals by advancing superior arguments and reasons.
The report noted that 320 children remain in Israeli military detention and are facing torture and black mail by Israeli interrogators.Ministry of Information added that Israeli military court extended that arrest of manay of the arrested children, and said that 75 chgildren from East Jerusalem were put under home arrests.Furthermore the report shows that 15 children were injured by settlers' attacks in the West Bank in the first two weeks of February.
However, in black mail there is some gain to be had by the blackmailer and I don't think the bishops have realized anything of lasting value in this game.
He further said that these claims without evidence are disseminated by "foes whose intentions are to black mail and divert public attentions as part of their campaign against my leadership." He further challenged the claiming authorities to substantiate their claims in the court.
Dawn gets an offer too good to refuse and Lucy sees an opportunity to black mail Christian.
Spam, black mail, fraud, slander and other such mails which infringe upon laws will be stored by cellular carriers.
They had rendevouzed at the celebrated black mail box - pin-pointed by UFO zealots as a focal Deep Space contact point - to commune with the alien spirits.
And without the benefit of a doctor, she gave birth to 11 of his children, though nine died by the age of five from what she calls "the fevers." Then they moved to Aiken, S.C., where Daniels became the small town's first Black mail carrier, and she cooked for the "Northern folks." Upon Daniels' death, Mrs.
Even in the drama you didn't see the picture of the actor asking them questions, it's only a black mail.'