Black mail

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BLACK MAIL. When rents were reserved payable in work, grain, and the like, they were called reditus nigri, or black mail, to distinguish them from white rents or blanch farms, or such as were paid in money. Vide Alba firma.

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He further said that these claims without evidence are disseminated by "foes whose intentions are to black mail and divert public attentions as part of their campaign against my leadership.
A young man tried to black mail Wilson, saying he had pictures of his protege taking part in an orgy.
The offences came to light when a black mail box was recovered from an unoccupied house in Hendy Road in Mold, and inside were letters addressed to bank customers.
I think it's outrageous that the campaign's fundraising style has bordered on black mail, with the message being basically 'give us your money or we'll publicly shame you'," he said.