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Chacon had failed to end power black-outs in many parts of the country and he had made a mess of his re-structuring of the state-owned utility.
Critics then said the black-outs had been due to a lack of government investment in infrastructure.
Critics say the black-outs are due to a lack of investment in infrastructure.
Black-outs now have damaged TV sets and other electrical appliances as well as computers and the rest of the electronics sector.
Under the settlement, the NHL will sell seasonal packages of each team's out-of-market games through NHL GameCenter LIVE at 20% below the cost of the full GameCenter LIVE package, subject to its teams' local broadcast territories and associated black-outs.
Sex and the Three Day Week is a fastpaced new comedy by Liverpool writer Stephen Sharkey, set in the mid-1970s - a time of strikes, black-outs, free love and the three-day week.
Virgin America's airport lounge The Loft is located at LAX and its Elevate frequent flyer program offers no black-outs or restrictions on rewards seats with three levels of status including Elevate Gold and Elevate Silver.
Brian will also include the black-outs and the threat of Zeppelin air raids and the production of munitions, centred on the town's chemical industry.
Mr Scholz has claimed that the defendant made up the claims of hallucinations, black-outs, hearing voices and seeing faces after his arrest, while on remand, and said that the first forensic psychiatrist who the defendant consultant had not believed what he was saying, and he had since changed his story.
The country did not experience any black-outs in the winter seasonA 2012/2013, but the situation was critical in January due to the missedA capacity ofA 2,000 MW from the two reactors.
Although, I did find myself wondering why it took them both so long to twig that their chronic fatigue and lengthy, frequent black-outs might have had something to do with the copious cups of tea Webster was making them.
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a loan of $150 million to finance a new 300MW coal-fired power plant, citing the benefits of diversifying away from hydro-power and curbing the amount of black-outs Zambia currently experiences.