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Yet accounts on the social network Twitter suggested that the black-outs lasted much longer outside Caracas.
Arab countries along these two regions via Turkey-Greece and Morocco-Spain - as well as Libya-Italy - will all avoid power black-outs through the whole year.
The back-up generators at the hospital failed to work when a power black-out struck the Wexford area around 8.
The result was doubly disturbing for most Egyptians, with air-conditioners and refrigerators shutting down amid increasingly frequent black-outs in the evening, when celebrations in the fasting month of Ramadan were at their height.
In Zambia, Mmba power plant plan will be raising supply and reliability of electricity, which at present is experiencing black-outs and is closely dependent on drought-sensitive hydro power.
As Britain was emerging from the dark days of the war, black-outs and rationing, a radical and innovative idea took hold - a festival of culture.
Rebecca had not been on a night out without her parents before as she suffers from black-outs.
At a High Court hearing yesterday, Mr Cummings's counsel, Matthias Kelly QC, said his client's most serious injuries were head wounds, which had caused acute symptoms such as visual disturbance, black-outs, anxiety and depression.
The disruption of SCADA networks can cause large-scale black-outs, loss of water supply and the halting of major transportation systems, making them an attractive target for unwanted outsiders and terrorists.
Basic goods are scarce, inflation is raging, and power black-outs are common.
Up to 2ft of rain fell, flooding homes and roads, while 70mph winds snapped trees and power lines causing black-outs.
He was in a coma for a week and left with short-term memory problems and black-outs.