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With the release of the SecuSUITE for Enterprise solution offering, the current SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 solution will be referred to as SecuSUITE[R] for Government moving forward to affirm our commitment to the needs of priority government and enterprise segments.
Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can obtain the escrow key and instantly decrypt BlackBerry Password Keeper containers extracted from BlackBerry 10 backups.
Enhanced multi-platform support: BlackBerry continues its commitment to providing multi-platform solutions and will add support for Windows Phone 8 alongside the existing support for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10.
The BlackBerry Z3's key features include the popular BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Keyboard, Time Shift and Story Maker, BlackBerry 10 Browser, Instant Previews and Reply Now, among many others.
The integration of the BlackBerry 10 operating system into the comprehensive AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management Platform will empower our customers and partners to fully manage any device in their mobile fleet from a single console.
BlackBerry said that the update would be extended to all BlackBerry 10 devices around the world starting today, but it is still subject to carrier approvals.
The smartphone rounds out the BlackBerry 10 portfolio and
In January, the company unveiled new phones running a revamped operating system called BlackBerry 10 designed to better compete.
In January, BlackBerry unveiled new phones running a revamped operating system called BlackBerry 10 designed to better compete, but its market share continues to lag.
BlackBerry is attempting to claw back market share lost to Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy smartphones with its new line of devices, powered by the BlackBerry 10 operating system.
Plus if you like that photo or funny picture your friend just shared on Facebook, you now have the ability to save Facebook photos locally on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.
The current re-structuring of this approval process, due to the Government Protective Marking Scheme review and the new CESG Commercial Product Assurance scheme has an impact on the timeline for BlackBerry 10 to receive a similar level of approval," the BlackBerry statement continued.